8 Ecommerce Trends Leading the Way in 2021

COVID-19 has made its way to the top, indisputably creating the biggest impact on ecommerce market share. While we experienced the lockdowns and our favourite stores were shut down by the government policies to contain COVID-19; what kept us going was our easy access to e-purchasing amongst the crisis, and we all bent more to e-shopping.

Experts have projected that the impact created by coronavirus will not be a short-term one that boosted the ecommerce sales, instead it will stay even after COVID-19 is over. People have become more adapted with the idea of online shopping – as it’s more appropriate, as per market demands, and offers the benefit of contactless payments through various modes.

You will find in this article some of the most preferred and hand-picked techniques out there that will allow you to take your online store a step further, while you keep up with consumer technology.

  1. Voice Commerce

Ever since stepping into the new world of Google Assistant Alexa and Siri, our lives have become very different and, in many ways, easier than they used to be. This new way of shopping will also set a trend in 2021 and smart speakers will be your ticket to online shopping in the near future. So, when you decide to create an online store, you can consider voice commerce in your eCommerce website development strategy to get greater ROI. It will surely change the game, delivering best customer experience and stand as the future for SEO.

  1. Social Commerce

This is another key eCommerce trend that you cannot miss out to get higher benefits from your eCommerce website. Nowadays, shoppers are having a cohesive experience on social media platforms that give them the chance to grab the best deals. With the growing intensity of online ads across social media platforms, people can know about products more conveniently and follow respective links to buy the desired products.

In 2021, social commerce will be one of the topmost eCommerce market trends that will have an effect on the eCommerce development industry. Hence social media incorporation is a wise step towards the growth of successful eCommerce websites.

  1. AR/VR

Today, most of the people around the world are acquainted with AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) technologies, which together are called mixed reality. The progression of both these technologies has transformed many industries,and AR/VR technology is also an advantage for the eCommerce industry. One downside with online shopping that people often raise is the inability to see products. AR and VR technologies are working as bridges to remove these hurdles in online shopping.

With AR technology, shoppers can visualize products in the real world that allows them to understand whether a product meets their demands. The use of AR/VR is an excellent trend for eCommerce that will rule 2021 too.

  1. Omnichannel Selling

Omnichannel selling is becoming vital for online businesses as these days shopping is not bound to one particular channel. Nowadays, people have options to buy products on Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and many other online platforms. Hence opting for multichannel selling has become pivotal in the eCommerce industry. This is a significant trend that you should consider in your eCommerce development strategy. If you are considering  B2B eCommerce development, then you should keep the omnichannel aspect in mind.

  1. AI in eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already been utilized in eCommerce for intelligent product recommendations. Moreover, technology has taken the pace in a few years with the evolution of better algorithms. With the help of this technology eCommerce websites can make smarter product recommendations and enhance the customer experience. AI can be used in different ways and has many benefits for businesses, including increasing productivity, reducing cost, streamlining operations, etc. It is not only a predominant eCommerce development trend in 2020 but it will rise as one of the foremost eCommerce development trends in 2021 too.

  1. Increase in Mobile Shopping

With the growing conviction in online shopping among buyers, they are now feeling comfortable to shop online via mobile devices. The number of mobile device users has increased sharply in the past few years that has led to a mobile dominant world. No business can today ignore mobile optimization, one of the vital trends of 2021, when it comes to eCommerce web development due to the sudden increasing dominance of mobiles in the world.

  1. PWA

This is a trend that has to continue to grow in recent years because it is cost-effective and more advantageous than native apps. The use of devices and websites have made it easier for eCommerce to boom. PWA combines mobile and web and gives entrepreneurs advantages like an increase in average conversion, mobile traffic increase, increase in engagement, and average session increase.

  1. IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing keeps growing tremendously. The chief driver for this trend is the increasing demand for the optimization of the business process. For example, a lot of SaaS solution benefactors for retailers like shipping management, warehouse management, marketing automation, etc., have chosen to use API2Cart for their integration needs.

COVID has empowered brands to emphasize more on elevating the customer experience instead of wasting their time and energy in back-end data.

These trends will set you up for the near future – the end of the current evolution stage. You can include them in your ongoing practices and strategies to see better results. It might be more sales, higher traffic, improved customer satisfaction, more sophisticated infrastructure systems, and so on. These trends might as well be the stepping stone for what comes later, so you don’t want to skip them.

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