Technical prospects in the post-Covid era 19

Covid-19 has had a groundbreaking impact on our personal and professional lives.

The acceleration of television work has led businesses of all sizes to turn to technology to meet the needs of the recently distributed workforce and maintain operational efficiency. While 2020 has brought with it the exception of new technological or business developments, it has certainly accelerated many of the technological trends that have already been in motion. In 2021, with the advent of the post-Covid 19 era, it seems that these trends will continue to accelerate rapidly as the Internet of Things (IoT) applications, technologies and solutions reach all sectors.


The remote business opens up new and unexpected uses in wearable and mixed reality

The unprecedented work environment created by the epidemic has applied technologies such as Assisted Reality (AR), opened up new cases, perhaps less clear beyond the conceptual evidence, and demonstrated the potential of wearable devices to encourage collaboration between remote teams. Smart glasses provide interactive remote communication through document retrieval, workflow instructions and real-time data capture – meeting people face to face, so to speak. Covid-19 provided a unique opportunity for business leaders to re-evaluate and rethink their need for a traditional four-walled office, paving the way in 2021 for a year in which digital businesses will double smart technologies for remote businesses.


Mobile edge computing will reach several sectors

Edge computing has continued to gain a significant foothold in recent years, however next year we will finally see where this technology can bring real benefits. While public 5G is still years away from mainstream implementation, instant value can be seen in 5G details- A network dedicated to a specific organization or location, such as a warehouse, shipyard or factory. This technology is already here and by 2021 it is ready to develop sharp computing. The advancement of 5G computing and laptop also offers a platform for enterprise wearable technologies that are really on the agenda. Smart goggles allow field workers to perform tasks without hands and still have access to the information and tools they need. With sharp mobile computing solutions used as a gateway, smart goggles are a natural step to the next step and are close to becoming the mainstream for front and field workers.


In 2021 there will be faster proof of the concept

This year we have seen that businesses handle many changes across Covid 19. One-fifth of the business have used investments in digital transformation initiatives, many of which do not allow for one night or make decisions in days rather than months. During this extraordinary period, businesses learned to adapt and progress faster than expected. As we move into 2021 and beyond, we expect this trend to go hand in hand as businesses continue to learn at an accelerated pace. While proving new technology concepts will be much faster from trial to stage, businesses need to pay attention to three key factors: data security, scalability and usability.


2020 emphasized the need for accelerated automation in 2021

Not surprisingly, there will be new and changing jobs in 2021, and technology will be needed to support that. Automation has been on the business agenda for years, but as the rules of social exclusion remain in place until 2021, automation and robotics may become core competencies in some sectors in the foreseeable future. However, in order to replace the automation during an epidemic, many businesses have experienced patches of failures since. In 2021 it seems up to 30% of businesses will increase its focus on quality by better planning and testing its automation before putting it into production or exposing it to employees.


Health care IoT continues to grow, but not without stumbling

Global IoT Health market is expected to grow $188 billion by 2025, 21% per annum. While in the medical sector the IoT has been on the list of forecasts for several years, in 2021 it will be renewed in importance. Many people stayed home in 2020, leaving chronic illnesses untreated. In 2021, with the spread of medical care and remote diagnosis, healthcare professionals will be able to proactively monitor, support and care for the health status of these patients at home. Consumers’ interest in wearable medical devices such as ECGs and blood pressure monitors is accelerating as patients assess their health insight and remote data sharing with their physician for immediate health assessment. However, the IoT infrastructure, lack of industrial expertise and security remain a challenge.

Undoubtedly, we have seen a spectacular spread of technology in the last year when businesses have taken sophisticated tools to stabilize themselves. As we enter the year 2021 and businesses want to establish themselves in the new “normal”, we are expected to continue to learn and renew at an accelerated pace. Now, more than ever, technology is becoming a business in almost every sector.

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