What is the best platform for e-commerce development in 2021?

Originally founded on 2009 BigCommerce is one of the best platforms for e-commerce development in 2021. 

With the growing popularity of the Internet, the Internet market has become a booming industry. The online retail industry is not only booming, but also extremely competitive. After that, e-commerce platforms will continue to be the foundation of the digital retail industry. 

A little insight 

More than 370 e-commerce platforms are available for businesses. Different e-commerce platforms aim to improve customer convenience. In return, this is good for business. The digital retail industry has changed a lot in terms of user experience. This makes a true digital platform key to achieving the best results. 

An e-commerce development platform and an online retail industry 

The Statistician report points out that by 2020, there will be more than 2 billion digital customers worldwide. This huge market has attracted large retail companies from all over the world. In fact, it has also attracted some local and regional companies to start working on the internet platform. 

As mentioned earlier, online markets rely heavily on appropriate e-commerce platforms. These platforms have been developed with the help of e-commerce development platforms. When companies want to enter the online market, the key technology they use is crucial. 

Along with all other investments and resources allocated for the development of e-business, the role of the e-commerce development platform is also very important. Choosing the right e-commerce platform is important for: 

  • Convenient website for e-commerce with all important functions and contents 
  • Customer convenience 
  • Customer experience 
  • Meet the specific needs of companies and customers 
  • Reliability and user interface 

The best platform for e-commerce development 

A convenient e-commerce platform is a basic technology that allows customers to purchase products and services on digital platforms. This is achieved through an interactive self-service experience. 

The platform also provides relevant data and information related to purchases. In addition, it also highlights the key features and points of each product and service that influence the purchase decision. 

Although there are several e-commerce development platforms on the market, here is a list of the best platforms available in 2021 and a comprehensive understanding of what makes them the best platforms. 


Shopify is currently one of the leading platforms for e-commerce development in the market. Since 2004, it boasts of more than a million companies across 175 countries. It is one of the easiest platforms to use, especially for beginners and small and medium businesses. 

The platform is almost integrated with all the basic functions and tools (including aspects). Examples of store design, content marketing and performance analysis. Let’s look at the main functions of web design: 

  • Unlimited product list 
  • Specify custom domains, themes, and templates 
  • Real-time sales analysis and statistics 
  • Inventory tracking 
  • Artificial Intelligence 
  • Upgrade via independent extensions 

It also offers a 14-day free trial. 

Shopify Plus 

This is an upgraded or premium version of the original Shopify platform. For large companies, this is a very useful and effective platform. It provides some other useful features, which are more suitable for multinational chain companies. 

The platform is very suitable for performing complex technological development through a simplified procedure. It makes it suitable for international trade. Let’s look at the main functions: 

  • Simply handle large product stocks and product lines across multiple channels 
  • Higher level of technical and input support 
  • Complete automation tool 
  • Suitable for various industries such as beauty and cosmetics, consumer electronics, fashion and clothing 
  • Advanced features, customized 

Big Commerce 

Big Commerce was originally founded in 2009 and is one of the best platforms for e-commerce development in 2020. It has been used by online retailers in 120 different countries, with total sales of $ 25 billion. 

This platform is another great platform used by large multinational companies that need a platform that provides more features for their websites. It has many features and is higher in price than most competitors. Let’s look at the main functions: 

  • Abandoned shopping cart features and integration of transportation and POS software 
  • Custom domain 
  • Reporting, scoring and review 
  • Multi-currency sales function 
  • Sales rating 
  • 12 free themes and 160+ paid themes 

The platform offers three different software packages, Standard, Pro and Plus, with three different prices and annual sales restrictions. 


Magneto is currently the most popular open source e-commerce development platform. It was originally released in 2009 and has now been replaced by Magneto 2.0 with improved features and functions. There are two versions: 

  1. Magneto open source 
  1. Magnetic trade 

This platform is very suitable for small and medium enterprises. Let’s look at the main functions: 

  • Comprehensive payment, payment and delivery methods 
  • Mobile website optimization 
  • International sales and catalog management functions 
  • Advanced customization and site search capabilities 
  • Online help center and customer forum 


WooCommerce is another very popular WordPress shopping cart add-on, and it is also free. It currently operates with as many as 30% of online stores. Let’s look at the main features of the platform: 

  • Numerous third-party themes and add-ons 
  • flexible 
  • Mobile shopping 
  • Location support 
  • Catalog and inventory management 
  • SEO, product reviews and other submission methods and calculators 

In Conclusion 

In short, choosing the best e-commerce platform to achieve the perfect business depends on many factors, such as the ease of search options, user interface, add-ons, themes, and the complete benefits of buying. The right e-commerce platform can help you run transactions smoothly and provide a seamless user experience. 

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