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Build your primary differentiation in this fiercely competitive world with highly integrated, reliable and sustainable IT services offered by ITStacks. Good service is the springboard for the outgoing success of any organization among its peers. At ITStacks, we provide quality driven IT services with a vision of nurturing long term business relationships. Let's join hands to explore the paths of your future business success and technological advancement:

IT Outsourcing Informatique UX Design

UX Design

UX stands for user experience. UX design refers to the quality of a person's experience when they interact with a specific design.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Aws Consulting

AWS Consulting

ITStacks' AWS Managed Services help businesses eliminate the hassle and hassle of managing IT infrastructure and let you focus on your business.

IT Outsourcing InformatiqueGoogle Cloud Consulting

Google Cloud Consulting

At ITStacks, we offer a host of Google Cloud consulting services to help today's businesses compete quickly.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Alfresco Development

Alfresco Development

Alfresco development services at ITStacks are in a class of their own. We offer a mature business approach to create personalized business solutions for all your needs from the most basic to the most complex

IT Outsourcing Informatique Application Development

Application Development

You can build your custom business applications by leveraging the latest technology and take the lead in your business travel.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Android App Development

Android application development

The ITStacks team of certified and talented Android app development services and designers to meet your individual demands as well as your business needs.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Social Media App Development

Social media application development

The world has turned into a global village. The advent of social media has changed the way we communicate and interact. The Web today is an active user-centered community.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Hybrid App Development

Hybrid application development

Give your business a complete facelift with hybrid apps on all major platforms and channels with our industry-leading hybrid app development services

IT Outsourcing Informatique IPad App Development

IPad application development

Enter the promising business models of the future. Turn your ideas into iPad apps with ITStacks development services

IT Outsourcing Informatique Iphone App Development

IPhone application development

At ITStacks, we have a team of certified and talented iPhone app developers and designers to meet your individual demands as well as your business needs.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Mobile App Development

Mobile application development

Transform and engage your business anytime, anywhere with custom mobile application development services from ITStacks.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Web App Development

Web application development

Allow your customers to access your business and benefit from your valuable services with comprehensive web application development services

IT Outsourcing Informatique Progressive Web App Development

Progressive web application development

At ITStacks, we are able to combine web and mobile app experiences into progressive web apps, which run fast, compatible with all devices, OS, etc.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Database Development

Database development

Database is the heart of a software application, database development services are essential to maintain and nurture relationships with prospects and customers

IT Outsourcing Informatique Android eCommerce Development

e-Commerce Development

Connect to aesthetically pleasing and functionally perfect virtual stores with ITStacks' personalized e-commerce development services. The Internet of Things has revolutionized the industry.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Game Development

Game development

The growing demand for comfort and leisure for Internet users has led to a considerable boom in the multimedia industry. Gaming and entertainment are now an integral part of the mobile and web industry.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Android App Development

Android game development

Team of certified and talented designers and developers who have created games that have made millions of dollars with millions of active Android gamers.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Game Development

iOS game development

Think about innovation and the name Apple comes to mind. Apple has taken the mobile gaming segment by storm

IT Outsourcing Informatique Software Development

Software development

ITStacks is pleased to offer cutting-edge custom software development solutions for all of your intra-company requirements and automation needs across all of the most relevant technologies in the market.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Web Portal Development

Web portal development

ITStacks is happy to bring you 360 ° web portal development services to help you digitize your business and convert it into a modernized business with a truly lean business process.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Software Product Development

Software product development

ITStacks is proud to offer all kinds of software product development services across all major tech verticals with bespoke modules and customizable functionality for dedicated or white label departments.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Spree Commerce Development

SpreeCommerce development

SpreeCommerce is a fully-fledged open source e-Commerce platform written with the Ruby on Rails (RoR) framework. Designed to manage all aspects of your e-Commerce store development process

IT Outsourcing Informatique Drupal Development

Drupal development

ITStacks is committed to helping you take your business to the next level with our quality driven Drupal development services across all verticals of content and development needs.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Liferay Development

Liferay development

ITStacks brings you long-term success tracks with the development of Liferay. The company is known for practicing technology with superior industry-level standards and an integrated strategic approach

IT Outsourcing Informatique Magento Development

Magento development

Magento development services and eCommerce store development, extension development, theme customization and maintenance services

IT Outsourcing Informatique mvp development

MVP development

Companies whose business is based on in-line product development can benefit from unique solutions for all prototyping, POC and design needs at ITStacks.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Prestashop development

Prestashop development

We help companies develop virtual stores using the PrestaShop platform. Custom PrestaShop e-commerce store development & extension development

IT Outsourcing Informatique Software Product Development

Web development

Your business can benefit from a reliable facelift for long-term branded solutions across industries, including storefront & e-commerce solutions as well as open source content management with proprietary tools

IT Outsourcing Informatique WordPress Development

WordPress development

WordPress is a godsend in disguise! It allows companies looking for a single solution to deploy their website and manage all their content editing problems in a few clicks.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Dedicated Virtual Team

Dedicated virtual team

You can now maximize your profits thanks to a dedicated and dynamic virtual team that is committed to supporting you in all circumstances online, anywhere and anytime.

IT Outsourcing Informatique asp net mvc developer

Recruit ASP.NET MVC Developers

ITStacks offers a large fleet of professional .NET MVC developers with experience of over a thousand projects in the field and comprehensive knowledge to meet your tailor-made needs.

IT Outsourcing Informatique ios android developer

Recruit iOS and Android developers

ITStacks can help you get a professional cross-platform application for ROI and increased reach in your market through the smartphone and mobile trading channel

IT Outsourcing Informatique php developer

Recruit PHP developers

We offer convenient PHP development services thanks to our diligent PHP developers who work day in and day out to meet your requirements under tight deadlines

IT Outsourcing Informatique Design Services

Design services

Design is an art form. However, computer design is both an art and a science. Computer design is an essential element of the functioning of an organization and our teams are there to guide you from the design of your project

IT Outsourcing Informatique Api Development Services

API Development Services

Application Programming Interface (API) is crucial for any software module, web solution, web application, plugin or website, etc. and cannot be improvised. Our solutions are proven and continuously improved

IT Outsourcing Informatique Saas Development Services

SaaS development services

With increased competition and a host of SaaS software developers and service providers in the IT industry, margin pressure is increasing and the need for innovative solution is now mandatory.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Content Management Services

Content management services

ITStacks offers personalized content management services to help you create a personalized brand for your target market and also personifies your business to achieve higher ROI.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Responsive Web Design

Responsive website

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a modern approach to web design. This technique aims to provide an excellent viewing experience by automatically formatting sites.

IT Outsourcing Informatique Software Testing

Software testing

ITStacks is a trusted name in the software testing arena because of our testers' vast knowledge in automation testing, manuals, black boxes and much more

Why choose us?

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ITStacks is a trusted company in the IT development industry. For the development of your projects, in-depth knowledge of the most common computer languages ​​was necessary and we have such resources in our team to carry out your developments in the best conditions. Here are some of the reasons to choose our custom software development service:

Low cost solutions
Client specific results
Reliability & Monitoring
Creative thinking
Effective consultation


Start with your new project or take an existing project to the next level

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