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      Fintech Development Services.

      ITStacks has been supporting financial institutions in their technological modernisation for a decade now.

      The opening of the markets and the emergence of pure players have encouraged traditional financial institutions to rethink and enhance their business models to remain trusted partners for their customers.

      Financial institutions are multiplying new online services:

      Open banking interfaces

      Digital signatures

      Customer identification and services

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      Our Expertise:

      Our operational and technical experts support your teams in many areas:

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        GUARANTEES ?

        Partnering with ITStacks ensures a happy and satisfied customer

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        10 Day trial period with no commitment 
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        Not happy with your developer, get another one at no extra cost 
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        Satisfaction guaranteed else re-imbursement ensured
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        24/7/365 Monitoring & Supervision of Developers  
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        Reap the Benefits of Many Savings

        Project Management, Supervision & Efficiency

        Deliver high productivity and value by use of productivity monitoring tools with staging development versioning to check on developer’s efficiency with system generated reports 24/7:

        System Generated reports allows to monitor productivity of developers 24/7 to make sure they deliver value.

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        Languages and Technologies

        Our Technological Expertise

        Dealing with Latest Technology 

        What is ITStacks

        Your One-Stop for All Your IT Needs

        17 Years of IT Experience across industries, since 2003:

        What We Bring to the Table

        Cyber Security

        Protect networks, devices and data from attacks or unauthorized access.

        PoC Development

        Free your business from the cost and burden of data center operations.

        Smart team

        Free up your in-house experts to focus on your core business.

        Product Design

        Save you time, manage your orders, customers, products, deliveries.

        Quality Assurance

        Reduce your capital and operating costs, while modernizing your IT.

        App Development

        Get an optimized environment built on leading technologies.

        Cloud Migration

        Range from full applications to servers and virtual desktops.

        IT Consultancy

        Help to implement the winning advanced IT and marketing solutions.

        Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.
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        WHO is ITStacks

        About Us

        An Outsourcing Development in Europe since 2003, ITStacks provides IT Resources to International clients based in USA, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Asia Pacific.

        Our Mission :
        Your success is our Priority!​

        WHY Choose ITStacks

        Why Partner with Us

        “For all the projects that I have had to start in recent years, ITStacks has always provided me with the necessary resources at a lower cost than local resources and without long term commitments. "

        Maeve Gralant

        Product Manager, FM Magazine

        “I needed an additional working group to upgrade our network software solution and secure our servers. ITStacks has provided premium resources with a high level of computer security knowledge. "

        Kevin Marchand

        Director of Online Security, Rentabiliweb

        “Although our field is very technical, ITStacks has proven its professionalism and efficiency in providing us with the most experienced programmers for our needs. "

        Fabien Veber

        IT Director, Rickson and Company

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        Check out our FAQ's now ...

        The firms will not have access to any of your tech work on-going with us. However, they will know basic corporate info (i.e. company name, address, contact). Further we would sign a non-disclosure agreement to maintain confidentiality regarding your organization. 

        We focus on all Fintech companies from early to growth-stage to established Fintechs with at least a beta technology/product, especially those which will benefit from the senior access and relationships. We are also interested in growth stage companies that have a product being deployed outside financial services that are interested in entering the financial services vertical. 

        No! Our tech experts and project managers will connect (via set communication medium) with you in your working hours and in your local language to ease the project implementation.

        You may ask about the many on-going offers by ITStacks and opt for the most suitable one.

        Technological innovation in finance is not new, but the amount of investment in technology and the pace of innovation have increased significantly in recent years to support innovative business models to scale up across the single market; to encourage the uptake of new technologies in the financial sector; and to increase cybersecurity and the integrity of the financial system. 

        There has been rapid advancement in artificial intelligence, mobile applications, cloud computing, big data analytics and distributed ledger technology, such as blockchain, that ITStacks expertises in. This changes the business models of established financial institutions, technology companies and new market entrants alike and affects the entire financial sector, including services for both consumers and wholesale markets.

        This includes measures to better understand the nature of FinTech developments as well as forward-looking measures designed to encourage and simplify the emergence of new FinTech solutions. The actions set out will benefit the consumers and industry alike, and will foster a more competitive and innovative financial sector, while maintaining high levels of consumer and investor protection. 

        We work on a comprehensive strategy on distributed ledger technology and blockchain with a focus to address all sectors of the economy. A distributed ledger is an information database that is shared across a network. The best-known type of distributed ledger is blockchain.

        We have established tech hubs or single contact points through which companies that seek to place technological innovations on the market are supported based on latest tech research. ITStacks will help Fintechs to get a better understanding of the technologies that are used to innovate financial services and put you through the leading tech experts to create innovative solutions for you. 

        Cryptocurrencies, represents just one type of application of blockchain. Blockchain can underpin a wide range of applications in various sectors, which are not limited to cryptocurrency or FinTech. 

        ITSacks aim to strength the integrity of existing financial information and communication technology (ICT) systems, assets and networks, as well as their governance.  

        Cyber resilience is strengthened considerably through market participants maintaining basic precautionary standards – or ‘cyber hygiene’ – namely the installation of firewalls, regular security scans or the selection and maintenance of password. Further, supervisory practices could increase cyber resilience too. 

        In parallel, ITStacks will also help you assess whether current rules related to cloud services are still fit for purpose and whether they provide adequate protection for meeting security needs of financial institutions. 

        Cybersecurity, given the proliferation of cybercrime and the decentralized storage of data, cybersecurity and fintech are intertwined.

        We offer the necessary customizations for billing and reporting without overwhelming you with choices. Examples of customizations include: benchmark creation, asset classification names, and reporting type and frequency. For clients who demand complete control, you have full customization ability through our API with a number of ecosystem partners ready to help you. 

        This is completely up to you, the advisor/firm owner – we do not send communications from the ITStacks system to your clients, but we do offer you the option to invite some or all of your clients to view reports and invoices, aggregate outside accounts, and share files via your white-labeled client portal.

        Our standard onboarding takes less than 30 days from signing the contract with ITStacks to having access to the system. During this time, we manage the historical data conversion, your billing configuration, and any customizations from your former system, so you can focus on your business priorities. Please note that due to significant demand, your onboarding time-frame may be subject to a waitlist.

        Our tool is designed to be simple and easy to use. To keep it that way, we have limited excessive customizations, settings, and workflows you need to create at the time of onboarding. Additionally, ITStacks has proprietary automation technology built around typical conversion processes. These together both reduces onboarding time and the learning curve for leveraging our technology.

        As fintech operate on the foundation of digital and cloud-based technologies that can prove vulnerable to malicious actors. Cyber Security professionals must take the responsibility for evaluating vulnerabilities, investigating incidents, and creating response plans in the event of security breaches.

        Blockchain developers must expertise is use of programming languages such as Python, C, C++, C#, Go, Node.js, Java, and JavaScript to design, build, and launch blockchain technology in line with the requirements and business models of different organizations. 

        Looking forward, we expect FinTech disruptors to continue to expand into other areas within financial services. There’s a lot of interest in areas like marketplace lending, credit underwriting, digital cash, treasury functions, deposits, and bill payments.  

        We also anticipate a lot of activity in the robo-advice and wealth management space over the next year. Perhaps more importantly, we predict a lot of FinTech innovation in the next 12 months in the business-to-business (B2B) space. You can think of this as “FinTech 2.0.” Here, expect tech innovations like blockchain to come on line. As they do, they’ll start to radically alter business processes and drive down costs. We’re already witnessing a lot of firms exploring how they can apply these breakthrough technologies.

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